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SimplifiedAlerts - Text messaging alert system for group text messages, emergency alerts, employee updates, and announcements to your organization members, customers, or company employees.

SimplifiedAlerts, a new web-based mobile alert messaging system, now makes it easy and accessible for organizations to instantly send mass short messages (sms) to cell phones.

Designed to work with all mobile carriers, the text messaging alert system works offers high and reliable deliverability rates. It is secure, rich with features,is a low cost alternative in the growing arena of sms broadcast services, SimplifiedAlerts is perfect for schools, sports leagues, bars and restaurants, or any organization that needs to send urgent messages quickly to a widely dispersed group ­ fast.

With text messaging is expected to grow from $151 billion in 2008 to greater than $212 billion globally by 2013, the market for mobile messaging is exploding. According to CTIA statistics, more than 75 billion text messages were sent in June 2008 ... up 160% compared to text messages sent in June 2007. The US Mobile content market equal 68.7 million text users. Not just the domain of teens and young adults, the median age of text message users is now 38 years old.

"Opt-in text messaging alerts to receive information from sources you trust is now mainstream. School parents want to be alerted for emergencies, school closings and upcoming events. Patrons want to know about the latest bar and restaurant promotions. Sports leagues use it for game cancellations and announcements, including game scores," said SimplifiedAlerts Chief Marketing Officer, Bill Kamper. "People are on the go and rely on mobile phones and emails to keep them informed and connected, now."