Pricing Text Alerts and SMS Alert Program

Affordable Text Message Alert System/No Contracts

Simplified Alerts is affordably and easily priced without the need for a long-term contract. Monthly subscription fee includes text and email alerts. We offer a discount for pre-pay accounts, schools and not-for-profits.

It’s based on the number of sends for the previous month, with a minimum cost of $50/month.



Standard Text Broadcasting

Starts at $50/month

Advanced Interactive Messaging

Starts at $59/month

Perfect for sending important messages to cellphones and email.

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Designed for 2-way advanced integrated communication.

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Free Trial Account Yes Yes
Monthly Plans Yes Yes
Buy in Bulk? Yes Yes
Reseller Program Yes Yes
Promotions and Specials Yes - Call us Yes - Call us
Roll-over-credits No Yes
Automatic software updates Yes Yes
Key Features
Online Sign-up / Opt-in Page Basic Yes - Advanced Customization
Text to join/subscribe No - Web signup only Yes
Create Multiple Lists Yes Yes
Message templates Yes Yes
Send to groups Yes Yes
Pre-schedule sends Yes Yes
Send as text message Yes Yes
Send as email message Yes Yes
Send via SMS gateway No Yes
Send to Facebook No Yes
Send to Twitter No Yes
Message Tracking / Reports Basic Advanced
Maximum Characters 160 150
Sponsor Footer Yes No
Secure database Yes Yes
Reporting Basic Advanced
Advanced Features
Text to Keywords No Yes
Shortcodes No Yes
Text 'Stop' to Opt-Out No Automated
Voice Broadcast No Yes
Mobile Coupons No Yes
Mobile Voting / Polls No Yes
Text-to-Screen No Yes
MMS - Picture / Video Messaging No Yes
Email Sends No Yes
Mobile eCard No Yes
SMS Appointment Reminders No Yes
Social Widgets (Facebook, Twitter) No Yes
Shuffle Responder No Yes
Constant Contact Integration No Coming Soon
Custom System Integration No Yes
QR Code Generation No Yes

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SimplifiedAlerts Standard Costs are Low

Affordable and simple package pricing:

Number of Alerts Monthly Cost
Up to 2,500 alerts $50/month
$.10 overage fee per alert for all alerts exceeding 2,500.
2,501 - 5,000 alerts $75/month

$.08 overage fee per alert for all alerts exceeding 5,000.

5,001 - 15,000 alerts $100/month
$.04 overage fee per alert for all alerts exceeding 15,000.
15,001 - 20,000 alerts $150/month
$.02 overage fee per alert for all alerts exceeding 20,000.
20,000 + alerts Call us
Add a Sponsor to each alert for just $25/month


Your cell phone carrier may charge a fee for text messages based on your current calling plan.

Estimate the number of alerts you’ll send per month and sign-up for that plan.

Each billing cycle is 30 days from the day of the month you sign-up.

A valid credit card is required to keep the account active.

You can upgrade/downgrade your account at the start of the next billing cycle.

Call us at 888-243-3314 or click here to submit a request and we’ll take care of it.

Pricing does not include applicable sales tax.

Which is right for your organization?

Simplified Alerts or Simplified SMS+?

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